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CEC Solutions Complaints & Reviews

CEC Solutions - Virginia, McLean / Better Business Bureau rating


I have read all of your complaints and am very, very nervous. I too fell victim (sucker) to this company and have been dealing with them since August of 2009. This week, I received a ship date of November 6, 2009. I have called them with questions and have never been put on hold longer than 2 or 3 minutes and my questions have always been satisfactorly answered. I would like to know if there is ANYONE out there with anything remotely positive about this company. Im giving them the benefit of the doubt right now, because nothing really negative has happened YET. Trust me, i will be back here if...



WOW!!! Where do I start!!! when I first heard CEC Solutions on the radio, I though this was going to be HUGE do to fact "the ECONOMY is so screwd up" ...I referred CEC to a few buddies who were having issues and they promptly called to hear the details. All three friends started a contract that day and paid the initial 99.00 deposit and was told they would receive software, mp3, Nav and of course a computer that was to be delivered after 3 consecutive payments. this was March of 2008...and can you believe..only one has been received. One friend particular has gone through hell. He literally...

CEC Solutions / Highway robbery/runaround


I ordered my computer in May of 2008 and did not recieve it until December. This company deducts $99 from my acct bi-weekly. In June, I recieved a letter saying Imy computer would arrive in 4-6 weeks, when that didn't happen they gave me a delivery week for September 29th - October 6th because dell was "backed up" (fyi the computer that arrived was an HP) After getting the runround for another 2 months some guy claiming to be a supervisor said that my shipping was delayed because I work for a bank, thats conflict of interest. he assured me that my computer would arrive by Dec 3rd which...

CEC Solutions - North Carolina / False information


We also have been missed led by this company. We also signed an agreement with this company all the way back in January of this year and we were told that our delivery date wasn't until we made five consecutive payments.We made a hell of a lot more payments than that! Yes, we did miss a few payments I will admit, but we allowed them to take out double payments until we were current and then we were given a delivery date of the first week of June. That never happened and then we were told that since we missed payments it delayed our delivery. O.K. we understood that so we were consecutive...

CEC Solutions - Illinois, Joy / Not recieving Merchandise


I started making payments to CEC solutions the second week of Feb 08, after approx 6 to 7 months of continuois phone calls and many calls placed on hold for over 45 min to 90 mins at a time I recieved my computer, also I was told of the Dell corporation having layoffs witch had a impact on my order witch was out of CEC solutions hands, now that I recieved my Computer the Software package, the Digital camera, that I am paying for is on back order and this company has no idea when it will be available. But will continue to take my money . Until they may give me a better answer. I have contacted...

CEC Solutions - Virginia, McLean / Rip off


Like the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. I too must admit i am a current victim of CEC however i am closing my account in the morning. After reading the horrible stories of other consumers, why should i wait any longer? I am currently being fed the same bull from the customer service reps. "Dell is currently backed up, you should receive your computer on Sept 22nd and if you don't receive it after a week later, then give us a call and we'll give you a new expected delivery date, but keep making payments and you'll improve your credit" Lie...

CEC Solutions - Virginia, McLean / mis led on product /


I had finally receive my lap top after 5 months of harrassing then. Every week I called and called. I stayed on hold for up to 45 minutes just to tell them I wanted my lap top that I was paying for. Bu then when I received it, I didnt not have on it what I wanted and was told. It had VISTA on it and they told me it would have XP. It had only 1/2 gig of ram and Dell told me that you need atleast 1 gig of ram to run vista. "Everyone should know that" Dell service man said. "You got screwed". Also It didn't have Microsoft Word or any programs on it, and for 2, 000 Dollars, it should have had...