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Cash for Gold Complaints & Reviews

Cash for Gold / rip off

Dec 8, 2012

This company says they pay top dollar for gold, silver & platinum, but only pay out 42% of stock market value, regardless of condition. They also avoid returning stolen jewelry, even to the extent of telling people that their jewelry has been melted despite the fact that it is in a safe 3 feet from them at the time. They also say that they donate gems to charity, but only donate a tiny portion of the proceeds. They damage the jewelry they test, & then may not even purchase it, claiming that it failed the tests after they've cut the jewelry in half or worse. This company is just an all around rip off.

Cash for Gold - New Jersey, Atlantic City / Receipt not given

Nov 16, 2011

Are we entitled for a receipt when we sell gold for cash to a pawn brocker at Atlantic City? I sold my pendant set with earing in gold to a pawn brocker( he had displayed cash for gold banner outside his shop) in Atlantic City. He paid me in cash and took a copy of my DL and got my signature on a receipt with the details of the transaction. It had carbon copies beneath. He said he would have to furnish a copy to the AC police department as per the law.When I asked for a copy for myself, he refused to give me one and said I am not entitled for a copy as I sold it to him. He said he would give a...

Cash for Gold - South Carolina, Lexington / Ripped off


I sent in multiple pieces of jewelry and received a check (far later than they promised) for $98.34. One bracelet that I sent in was 18 k and they sent on the statement that it was 14 k. I have a receipt from the original purchase of that bracelet for $448.00. These people are con artists and do not have a reliable business. One ring had 12 small diamonds in it, they paid me $2.16 for this item. Save yourself alot of frustration and just take your unwanted or broken jewelry to your local jewelry store or pawn shop!

Cash for Gold - Florida, St Augustine / Lost Item


I sent a 24K gold bracelet to Cash For Gold. I did not send the necklace because I wanted to see how the process worked. I recd an email on Jan.10th saying that my item was recd. Today, Feb 7th, I called to inquire about my item. They said they sent me a letter on Jan. 9th stating my item wasn't worth anything. I did NOT receive this letter. They said my item had already been "melted down" yet at the same time they said there was no Gold in it! I was LIVID! They went on to tell me that they doubted very much that my item was 24K, because that's like 100% gold. They offered to send me $20.00!