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Cash Crate Complaints & Reviews

Cash Crate / Fake check received

May 16, 2012

Cash Crate hired me as one of their mystery shoppers and I was sent a letter with check for $3000 enclosed. I had to cash in check, spend most of the money in western Union and keep the rest to myself. I did everything as asked but later my bank called me and told that check was fake and I have to give that money back.

Cash Crate / Terrible company


I signed up for cashcrate and did several of their so called surveys. Most of them were not surveys but credit card offers or free trials where you had to give up your credit card number. The site said that you could cancel your free trials and still get paid for they survey. This is not true. You have to complete the service. Also I filled one out for Netflix where it said it would not charge your card until your free trial is over. NOT TRUE. The same day they debited my card for the amount of the service. The website said it would not charge the card until after the Free trial. BEWARE. Basically all you will wind up with is an INBOX full of SPAM.