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carrier Complaints & Reviews

carrier - Ontario, London / Air Conditioner

Jun 9, 2011

I purchased a Carrier A/C unit in the summer of 2008 from Hugh's Heathing in St. Thomas Ontario. The unit worked for the rest of 2008, and then I experianced problems with it beginning in 2009. It made alot of noise and not much cold air was coming out of my vents. I called Hugh's but they failed to diagnose the problem. In 2010, my unit failed completely, however, Hughs put refridgerant in the unit and it started to work. It is not 2011, and a leak test has determined that I need a condenser coil and that it was most likey faulty from the beginning. When contacting Carrier, they...

carrier - Arkansas / bad coils

Apr 14, 2011

Due my unit being a 2004 model the coils are bad. This was a new unit with Puron for Carrier and was not designed to handle the pressure of Puron. My unit is five and half years old with a visible hole in the coils. Carrier refuses to stand by their product and states too bad. Yes, for me two thousand dollars later for the upgrade new coils that will handle the pressure of Puron. I am talking with a lawyer to try to get a class action lawsuit going. I have seen numerous complaints about the same thing happening to customers. If this was a car it would have been recalled. Let's band together to get something done.