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Card Services Complaints & Reviews

Card Services / Phone calls promising to lower interest rate

Mar 21, 2016

Answered a call from a company called "card services" offering to lower my credit card rate with a one time fee of $996. Spoke to Bill Baker and Ashley at 1-855-563-4437. Was told to give them my last 4 numbers on my check act routing number. Was told if I didn't agree to do this that they would call bank of america and then the fee would be charged to my credit card and I would be sent to collections. I was then transferred to Rose Gray at 1-855-563-4431 x-612. She put me three way on the phone with another female who answered the phone as being from Bank of America. When I asked...

Card Services / BARAGE OF CALLS


I just re-registered @ prior to this complaint. I did so because you have to renew annually!!! I think it should stay in place until you ask to be removed...INSTEAD! I digress...Card services is a scam looking for info...and they have auto dialing from pa. and Florida...etc... I've been on donotcall registry for a while. The two numbers that jump out from my optimum account are : 814-234-7699 & 954-473-7001 I get half a dozen calls or more a day. Shut them down...or at least fine the Hell out of them!!! THAT they understand.! Thanks, Tom

Card Services - Saskatchewan, Love / Excessive phone calls


This company has called repeatedly from this number - 321-735-9687 - over the past year with a recorded message about reducing our credit card interest. We pay no interest since we pay up our bill every month. About 2 weeks ago I waited out the very long message and got to talk to a real human rep. When I told him I wasn't interested he hung up on me. I had no opportunity to ask to be removed from their phone list. The calls from the same number have continued, the last one at 9:55 AM on September 19, 2009. I want these calls stopped completely! Thank you for your time.

Card Services / Harasing Phone Calls


I continue to receive phone calls at my job which is a Federal Company. I've told them numerous times not to call my number again because it is a business number. Today when they called again, I repeated the request and told them if they called again I would file a legal complaint. The person laughed at me and said "Go ahead and file a legal complaint." My work number is not public so I don't know how they continue to get my number or my boss' number. There has got to be something that can be done to stop these people.

Card Services - Florida, Orlando / Phising Company


I recieved a call from a company called DCPS Financial, this company is a phising scam. I work for a Identity theft company, and know when to tell if it is a legit company or not! I called the company back to investigate, and they were very short, when asked questions, switched stories numerous times, please be aware of this company, and do not give them any information. They will ask for your credit card numbers and say they are going to get you a lower interest rate. There is no need to ever provide your information to a company, if they say they are a company who works with your financial institution, if that were true, then they should already have your information!!

Card Services / Card services creeps


This "company" called me today, using an automated calling service that then transferred me to a live agent. Supposedly the call was in regard to my interest rates. I asked them what financial institution they were affiliated with -- I have only one credit card which is with a local bank. They said Visa and Mastercard. It smelled bad, so I asked them for their phone number. They told me it was 888-879-2223. When I called the number back to verify the company name, the number belonged to a porn site. What foul creeps.