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Aug 23, 2011

Unbelievable. I have been using Carbonite over the last year. Due to my computer crashing I lost the backup program that runs on my computer. I contacted Carbonite online via chat because their phone support was not available on Saturday evening. I was told by the chat representative to uninstall the program then go to their website, log on and then reinstall. PROBLEM: Carbonite would not accept my email in the logon screen telling me that had no record of my email ANOTHER PROBLEM: This chat person assured me that the email address I was using was correct and I should just go ahead and log... - Texas / didn't work & didn't refund

Jul 24, 2011

Date: Sat 2011 Jul 23 I have had the same problem since I tried to sign up with the service...they had no trouble charging me: July 09, 2010: 8:56:12 PM CDT Order confirmation and special thank you (07/12/2010 Debit - Deposit Product EFT VISA RF#*********** 07/10CRB*CARBONITE BACKUP877-6654466, MA $54.95 I live in a recreational park that hosts free wifi. I do not have massive movie, picture or music files. I can only figure the variable signal strength seems to be a problem with their system. But, wherever the problem lies, I could not get any resolution or Carbonite to accept that... / Beware


I trusted a radio show computer talk show host on KFI 640AM radio and purchased 3 years worth of Carbonite backup service. The discount I got doesn't even come close to paying for the hours and hours of aggravation I've experienced. I've spent the last 8 months sending emails trying to find out why Carbonite isn't backing up my data. I get an array of advice emails, some incredibly stupid, but none of them have been successful by any means. Here are my favorites: 2 separate emails came on the same day. One said, "we don't understand your problem, we checked your account...