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Car Zone Complaints & Reviews

Car Zone / Bad service

Feb 21, 2011

Car Zone said they replaced bad parts with new and did not, combinded an old car loan with new after owner said he wouldnt OTSEGO, Michigan. Car Zone has taken advantage of me i fiananced thru them they added a old loan to a new loan wich the owner said if i gave him 2, 500 of my tax money it would be settled i needed work done on this vehicle its been breaking down took it to car zone, car zone came to the conclusion it was my fuel pump said they replaced it with a new fuel pump they never did im still having the same probem. They have taken advantage of my warranty company they were suppose to...

Car Zone / Selling junk to customers


Auto Dealerships are at an all time high with selling junk to customers. This particular dealership sells junk knowingly. When you purchase a car, they tell you to get an extended warranty, which means absolutely nothing and then want you to pay for a car that you are not getting service from. The sales manager is always busy and the owner is never there to speak with you. You are constantly being told that they will see what they can do now that they have your money. Sometimes it seems that the laws governing car dealerships are not for the consumer.