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Car Dealer Complaints & Reviews

Car Dealer - England, Avon, bristol / never supplied mot whuch i payed for

Apr 2, 2013

I bought a ford ka from this company with a year mot. They have not produced this certificate. He promised to send this on a few occassions, he know refuses to answer my calls or return my messages. The present mot runs out on the 7th of April. I bought this car on the 17th of march 2013. Can you please help to get this promised and payed for document. It was part of the deal. Advertised on autotrader with a years mot. Thankyou Caroline Plazar.

Car Dealer - California, Sacramento / bad business

Nov 26, 2011

On 10-12-2011 I bought a 2004 nissan 350 z I put $4, 000 cash down and made two payments so far of $450 a month just the other night they repoed my car and reason they gave me was I was late by a few days for the most part they got my payments but they still repoed my car. I also was told in order for me to get my car back it was going to cost me a little over $800 bucks. I looked online and read that I'm not the only one that is going through this kind of thing either if i would have known about them I would have never done any kind of business with them at all there way out pocket and...

Car Dealer / Rip Off

Mar 5, 2011

I went into drivetime to try an purchase a car, The Agent told me that I needed a co/signer. I got one (My Daughter)He still tried to sell me a car 2003 intrepid for 2, 000 to 3, 000 dollars down. My credit score is in the 700 and i feel that he was trying to rip me off with this outrages price. The car was only 9, 000. He then told me that my note would be 347.00. He didn't tell me that at first, he told me that I would be able to have a car not for as small as 109.00 a month in the beginning. I'm so angry about this, and I think that DriveTime should be graded with an (F) for failure. I'm thinking about getting a lawyer, ASAP

Car Dealer / They Scammed All of Us


Eagle Warranty / Chuck Yaskulski took advantage of the gravy train! by using the car dealers to make him rich! This company (Chuck ) like many others, open shop in PA where the guide lines are minimal to do business. Which is part of the reason why we are all in trouble today. I know my company and many other local dealers that made Chuck and his local rep. ERIC very rich. If we knew then what we know, we would have NEVER given Chuck/Eagle Warranty or ERIC one cent. This is disgusting! They have ripped off not only the thousands of customers that are covered by their warranty, but also the...

Car Dealer - Illinois / Garnishments


I purchased a car that actually lasted a year until the transmission went out. I made arrangements to get the car fixed and told the finance company that I will be late with a payment because of the situation. The next thing I knew, my wages were being garnished and has been since August 2017. I only owed 3200 and it is now May 2017 and I have overpaid them. I've been trying to contact someone to have the garnishments ceased and my credit report updated. In trying to obtain contact, I noticed all the numbers listed for the company is no longer in service. This is affecting my need to...