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Capstardiet Complaints & Reviews

Capstardiet / buyer beware!!


I recently ordered green tea purity 14 day trial for green tea diet pills, it took 12 days before it arrived from china (I still have not picked them up, it was express mail - still sitting at post office). Around day 10 my credit card company called me to inform me of two $79.95 charges that was trying to be added to my account, luckily it was declined. My card company gave me the phone number to capstardiet, who I called capstardiet to ask them why I am getting charged if I am in the 14 day trial, and asked them to cancel my account and stop trying to charge me, they told me they would email...

Capstardiet - New South Wales / unauthorised charge on credit card


I was charged $100.00 on my credit card by CAPSTARDIET ... I have never bought anything from this company and have never been to their website (if they have one). I have cancelled my credit card. The fraud dept. assumes CAPSTARDIET is attached to another fraudulent scam based on a free trial...the lesson I have learned from this is read ALL terms and conditions for anything you are thinking of buying or entering into especially if its internet based.