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Camerabox fraud - search the web and you will find many camerabox complaints and problems and many bad reviews. They got me too - I did some investigating and it seems Gary Smart is just a fake name - nobody with that name actually works there!! What kind of company uses fake names for their "customer services manager"!?? Avoid camerabox at all costs!!! / Debited my account but did not deliver the Camera


Camerabox took an order for a Ricoh camera on 2nd September, callled the following day saying there was a security issue. I returned the call same day and call was not returned. Following day called 5 times after getting All our operators are busy all the time. Following day called again leaving more messages and still NO returned call. A further week went by and I gave up as no response from them. I went on my two weeks holiday and on returning opened my Bank statement to see my account had been debited on the same day 2nd September. Called Camerabox yesterday still no reply. I therefore called my...