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Cambece Law Firm Complaints & Reviews

Cambece Law Firm / Fraud

May 6, 2011

I had gotten behind on some of my bills and one of the companies sent the collection to Cambece Law Firm. They tried to get me to tap my 401K and my family for the money. I paid part of the debt by authorizing a one time payment from my checking account. Unfortunately they did not stop there. I was greatly surprised when I checked my checking account yesterday and found that they had tapped my checking account for another $500 dollars. Unfortunately the bank will not give me back the money as it is not considered fraud because I had given them the bank information even though it was only...

Cambece Law Firm - Massachusetts, Peabody / Terrible company


In October of 2008, while I was at work, I received a phone call from the 978 area code. Because I have many college friends, and family in that area, I answered the phone, thinking it was one of them. When I answered the phone, I was greeted by Mike Sanger, a 'manager' from the Cambece Law Firm, inquiring about a credit card I had with Washington Mutual. The conversation started off friendly, but quickly changed when I realized that he was demanding payment of a debt that I had with Washington Mutual. I told Mr. Sanger what I could afford to pay at that time, and he told me...