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C1 Driver Solutions Complaints & Reviews

C1 Driver Solutions / Complete rip off

Sep 16, 2015

This school is a rip off there are so many fields that you can get into with a lot less head ache I too was scammed by this fraud now in the hole for thousands of dollars. Those recruiters are good they serve you up that lie like no one else but in reality flipping hamburgers is a better paying job than USA Truck or Pam. I thought truck driving would be my future but the bottom line is this is one of the worst mistakes I could have ever made. The good thing is I was able to bounce back get into a promising field (HVAC/ Maintenance) and I'll have to take my loss against this mistake and...

C1 Driver Solutions - Indiana, Indianapolis / Scam


I to have have been on the other end of the C1 nightmare. My story is the same as the others went to school, which was a nightmare in feb on top of 'cussing gus' a teacher who had it in for me, I manage to pass and signed on with PAM. My pam coach was great. I really enjoyed driving with him and then I was on my own. I fell ill about six months into driving and had to be off for about three weeks. When I was finally released I called PAM back and I got a run around about when I was to start back. Finally the called and said i was no longer worked for them so I contacted C1. You...