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BromaCleanse Complaints & Reviews

BromaCleanse - Oregon, Portland / colon cleanser


BromaCleanse text a message on my Phone saying free 100 dollar Wall-mart card with purchase of their Colon cleanser regardless if I decided not to use it in their 10 day trial offer. I payed $4.95 for shipping and handling, $3.95 for (if you can believe it) thief Protection and a $1.00 for US magazine. Before the 10 day trial was over BromaCleanse charged a unAuthorized $79.95 for what I didn't know. I called on the 10th day and their Customer Service said I didn't call on the 10th day. I said this is the 20th day. After arguing with them about the 10 day trial One employee said I...

BromaCleanse / debit sur carte de crédit


Messieurs, Par la présente, soyez avisés que je demande l'annulation du AYANT Contrat pour objet l'envoi d'échantillons gratuits Ainsi que le remboursement de toutes les sommes bénéficiaires s'y rapportant, DANS LES Quinze jours suivant la transmission de cet avis. Cet avis vous est transmis en raison de vos manquements à la Loi sur la protection du consommateur. En effet, vous avez omis de communiquer tous les renseignements requis par la loi . De plus, les sommes débitées sur ma carte de crédit ne correspondant...

BromaCleanse / scam on trial offer


They trick you into ordering other products you were not aware you were ordering and joining auto delivery and charges that you don't get back, When I caught it on the comformation reciept, I immediately called them to cancel and they say they can't help me for 24 hours. To call back in the morning... Mean while they charge me for more products I did not want or know I ordered. I want my credit card number removed from any of their partners i this scam and action taken against them all.

BromaCleanse - California / Fraud


I was sucked in by a message online that made it look like the product was "endorsed" by CBS NEWS and Katie Couric (colon health). After I ordered, I saw the fine print which said they were going to FURTHER charge me $79.95 if I didn't cancel in the 12-day trial period (they make it sound like it's a free 30-day trial). And then I think charge me again (because I was buying into a program). I called to cancel and they gave me the runaround that my order wasn't in the system (it was being routed through shipping) and they couldn't do anything for me, blah, blah, blah... I WAS AN IDIOT FOR NOT READING THE FINE PRINT AND ORDERING FROM THIS COMPANY. AN IDIOT! Lesson Learned. I am SO mad!

BromaCleanse - California / shady dealings with on-line purchase


I was interested in trying Bromacleanse and was ready to place an order and noticed it was not a secure site. Then I searched the site for more information and the ingredients were "marked" out because the site stated it was a propreitary blend, I attempted to call Customer Service and was on hold for 22, with 3 flags I opted out on ordering. Then the next day, guess what, I receive a call from Bromacleanse asking for a credit number to complete the order. I asked to be billed and of course, they said they don't do that? They insisted all was legitamate, but geez, come on. I'll tell everyone STAY AWAY FROM SITES LIKE THIS.