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Brite Smile Complaints & Reviews

Brite Smile / Doesn't work

NOgg81 on May 24, 2011

For some reason I feel like this product ruined my teeth. Perhaps even made them yellower. Luckily, I stumbled upon Supersmile (a brand that actually has consumer-benefit in mind) Check it out if you want whiter, healthier teeth: I use their ergonomic toothbrush as well as their electric toothbrush. They're both effective. Also, while I'm at work or traveling, I like to take some of their Quikee products along with me...this way I can be sure to always always always keep my teeth white. Can't believe how much money and time I've spent on products like Brite Smile.

Brite Smile / Bad customer service

Bold Man on Mar 8, 2011

I have never waited so much on dental appointment for my son, the past 4 visit the wait has been 2-3 hours wait, it is ridiculous that this clinic is always behind with one Dental provider seeing numerous patients at the same time, the front staff, doesn't smile or greet you with a (Good morning do you have an appoinmtnet today?) My son had a 10am appointment and had his gums numb so that the dentist can due his fillings, left there to see other patients and did not return, I walk out of the exam room after my son said the injection was wearing off!!!. no more

Brite Smile - Ohio / Charging credit card

Ordered the free sample, only to get charged $86.19 2 months later. When I called to find out what I was getting charged for they informed me that in the "TERMS & CONDITIONS" there is a stipulation that stated you need to return the product w/in 14 days or get charged. Not only that but a seperate company charged $24.13 for an "EMAIL" about e-books! This is by far one of the worst scams I have ever come in contact with. I will be boycotting ANY website that advertises this company or product!

Brite Smile - Indiana, Brownsburg / Deceptive Practices


I signed up for a trial offer of Brite Smile along with Dazzle White. Both are scams. I did not understand that my $.99 shipping fee would be charged and then I would receive a charge of $92.+ if I didn't cancel within 10 days of ordering the trial. It doesn't start 10 days after receiving the trial. I ordered October 2, 2009 and discovered a charge on October 13. I was too late even though my husband had just begun using the product a few days earlier. I told the representative that I hadn't received any more shipments and he informed me that I was paying for the trial sample...

Brite Smile / Good job


I just recently tried the Brite-Smile product and the results were absolutely fabulous! Unlike what I had heard, there was virtually NO sensitivity! I absolutely loved it, it only took about an hour to get my teeth pearly white, and there was no mess or pain. I didn’t have to fool around with trays or wait a month to get results. I have been drinking coffee for several years and I had noticed that my teeth had become kind of dingy-looking. I had done a lot of research into what would be the best procedure based on cost and results. Someone had suggested Brite Smile so I set a...