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Brinkmann Complaints & Reviews

Brinkmann / invalid &10-year& warranty service


Purchased Brinkmann gas grill from Lowe's about 5 years ago, based on their "name" and "10 year warranty." Both are B.S. The Brinkmann corp will not honor my requests to replace the deteriorated grill grates or the heat shield-deflectors that have been under care and cover for its lifetime. They do this by giving you "invalid" s/n responses on their website, then by putting you into a "queue" that records your msg. Then they simply do not call you back. How clever. Walmart now sells Brinkmann grills by the thousands. Will NEVER recommend this grill company again.

Brinkmann - Texas, Dallas / Warranty


They will not honor the 10 year warranty on the Burners..<br /> They did two years ago now they say that that is normal wear and tear burners will not last forever.. I expected them to last 10 years not 3 and then 2...<br /> <br /> I also had a very hard time each time to get them to hornor the warranty..<br /> First fax they last<br /> Then I had to send a letter and they sent broken parts..<br /> Took about 4-5 month before I recieved the new un-broken grates <br /> <br /> This time I sent an letter then an updates letter a week latter and they...

Brinkmann - Texas, Dallas / Bad service


I bought my Brinkmann Grand Gourmet 4415 3 years ago. The igniter quit after about 18 months. Lately the grill started to flare up when I lit it manually - not from grease but from some internal problem. There is a great deal of rust inside, even though I keep it covered. Burners, heat diffuser, grill surfaces. The burners appear to be iron, and pieces are flaking off. I tried calling the company 800#, but it was always busy. I sent an email, and waited weeks for a response. They eventually told me it was the regulator. I ordered one and three new burners. But the burners don't fit and I...