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Brighthouse Network Complaints & Reviews

Brighthouse Network - Florida, Orlando / Bad service


If you really want to hook up a cable with the Brighthouse Network, you need to think about this company twice before you are about to call for their service. There were many incidents since we had cable T.V and internet almost a year ago. We could not describe how bad of the Brighthouse service was. Matter of fact, we are glad that we are out of it for good...! First incident in July, 2009: The house we live in had a friend who wanted to add another line for the internet. Brighthouse scheduled an installed technician came over for the installation. When he showed up, I requested him not to...

Brighthouse Network - Florida, Ocoee / adding $20 collection fees to late fees


Brighthouse has been adding $20 collection fee in addition to late fees to my bill. My monthly bill is $20.99 plus tax so they are charging 100% interest in additin to the late fees. They do NOTHING to collect this $20 other than put it on my bill so I believe this COLLECTION FEE is unfair and a RIPOFF to me. Where in the world do you find justification in this ridiculous amount charged if I don't pay your bills within 13 days of the due date (per Desirea at Brighthouse - due on 16th, letter sent on 19th and 10 days later add $20) THIS COLLECTION FEE IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!