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Bright House Networks Complaints & Reviews

Bright House Networks - Florida / Pitiful Service

I have experienced one failure after another and am absolutely frustrated with Bright House at their complete failure to correct customer service and technical related issues. Back in the fall of 2009, on the day of my installation, I was held hostage by your installer, from approximately 11a until 9:30p. Unfortunately, when he arrived and installed my cable at my new home he failed to do it properly. He failed to confirm before leaving my home that the service was working appropriately. After he left my home, I discovered that I had no service. I phoned Bright House and spoke with a dispatcher...

Bright House Networks / Overcharged


I paid two months in advance to turn on my service. And I was told that I would only have to connect my equipment and it would work. I did as they requested and when I did nothing worked. (No surprise there). That also told me it would cost $29.00 to have a technician come to my home to fix it. This took place in April of 2008. I was not able to meet with the tech until August. But in August I scheduled the tech to come out and they got 1 of my TV's working out of 4. And sent me a bill for $190.00. After 8 days they shut off my service and said I owed those 270.00. Again I have had...

Bright House Networks - Alabama, Wetumpka / Posting Payment to Account


I received a notice about my account being past due on this months statement. I had paid my bills using online banking for a little over four months now. I remembered paying that bill. When I opened my bill, I received a large number of flyers informing me that my account was seriously past due. I started going through my online account and found that I did indeed pay this bill the same way I always had. I tried to contact customer care. They requested a bank statement to show proof of my claim, which I provided. It took forever for them to let me know what was going on with my account, so I...

Bright House Networks - Alabama, Birmingham / Digital Phone

They have the worst service in the world. I would not recommend them to anyone. The workers are lazy and the customer service reps. are rude. I have went a month without service due to error on their part. Guess what it is out again. Supervisors never call you back. Corporate never replys to your email and it is a waste of time. AT&T prices are a little bit high but you would never have this much trouble with their service. They are a rip off and I would really advise you to use two cans with a string rather than deal with them!!!

Bright House Networks / Terrible company


I have been with BH CFL for 3 years. I have a bundle including phone, cable and DSL. I have been having problems with them over the last few months. Not only billing issues but also cable and connectivity issues as well. It takes at minimum 20 minutes to get through to a customer service person which tells me they are not only having issues with me. I had my wife speak with them tonight because I could no longer deal with their incompetence. She has a communications major so I thought maybe she could make some sense out of what they were trying to tell us. They are requiring people to pay a...

Bright House Networks / They turn off cable at the drop of a hat


Today I awoke to find all my cable and phones services shut off due to a past due balance of a little more than 50 dollars. I admit that I forgot to pay this but having been a customer for many years using three services, cable, phone and internet, I did not suspect that they would simply cut off all services. They informed me that they had no control of this because the computer automatically shuts you off. The machines at Brighthouse are in control. I promised Brighthouse that I would let others know about this. Watch out for this company.

Bright House Networks - Florida, Brandon / Incorrect payment information, not recording payments to Brighthouse

I have received a letter from Credit Protection Association stating that they have not received any payments for my Bright House account. I have made the payments to Bright House and Credit Protection has not credited me for them. The payment address is to Bright House. Credit Protection states they have turned me over to the a nationwide credit company for non-payment even though I am paying.