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Bridgeport Bankruptcy Complaints & Reviews

Bridgeport Bankruptcy / everything; total ripoff, gave completely wrong information

Aug 27, 2017

I truly can't believe this chislers are still in business. They ripped so many people off over the years and it's a mystery as to ho they get away with it. They give wrong information on the forms, then expect you to pay more to "access your account". Never respond to any email and that's the only way to get in touch with them. I ended up having to hire an attorney to make sense of this mess. DO NOT USE!! Fraudulent, dishonest and just all around nasty.

Bridgeport Bankruptcy / Fraud and cheating


I should have smelled a rat, when this company did not provide any telephone number or address. The only way to communicate with Bridgeport Bankruptcy was through a rectangular square on their web site. Then, they would reply by sending a message to your e-mail address. They even warned that the e-mail address used in sending their messages to you would not be responded to - that only that rectangular square on web site would receive attention. Anyway, I did want to file a bankruptcy, but couldn't afford the local attorney fees. So, when I found a number of on-line companies that would...