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Body Shop Complaints & Reviews

Body Shop / pomegranate moisturizing creme

Jun 08, 2017

I had ordered body shop night creme - pomegranate intensive mosturizing. It's price is almost 1700 INR. It's the most expensive creme I have tried ever. Had a lot of expectation, as I have used body shop products earlier and had a very good experience But I am really disappointed with this creme. Applying it since last few months, there is no effect. Even a 100 INR worth ponds creme is better than this one. Din't expect this from a body shop product.

Body Shop - Florida, Hialeah / company lied about car repair estimate

Dec 15, 2014

I took my car to this body shop and requested an estimate. They informed me the estimate would be done the next day and I rented a car there. Three days passed by and I was informed an estimate would be done the 4th day. I asked for an explanation to the body shop manager and he lied to me saying I was told the estimate would be done in few days. They were rude and impertinent. Therefore, I removed my car from the body shop and was charged $113.00. Also, I paid for renting a car $81.00. I would never come back to this place!