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Bob-O-Pedic Complaints & Reviews

Bob-O-Pedic - Massachusetts, Somerset / Defective Materials & Infestation

Jul 12, 2011

Had a mattress delivered that took a month to actually deliver and when it finally was brought in and set up there were numerous cuts and tears in the mattress. Along with the cuts and tears there were bugs. Bob's said they would send someone out right away to pick it back up but no one has as of yet. Do Not Buy From Bob's EVER!!! Worst Customer Care around.

Bob-O-Pedic - Connecticut / BAD PRODUCTS & SERVICE TEAM


we bought the bob-o-pedic mattress, and at the same time a bob-o-lite for our son. These are the worst products we have ever wasted money on! In under a year they are "swallowing" us when we sleep, we have all been to the doctor for neck/back/hip pains. Where you sleep it compacts down and gets soft. Our queen size is wavy at the edges, and our feet are inches above our heads. We are not huge people so this should not be happening. They finally sent a "TECH" out after getting our address wrong 3 times, and waiting 3 weeks. After the salesperson said It would last 20 years- and if it gives u...

Bob-O-Pedic - Massachusetts, Attleboro / back problem giver


We purchased a Bob-O-Pedic queen size from Bob's store in March of 08. Spent $1, 953 with extended warranty. I needed a bed that with a raised head for my medical problems. From day one, I hated that bed. I swear the one in the store was more plush and the one we received was firm. I even had my husband check it. A year later, we have rolls in our bed. If I lay on my right side, I have to lay up hill. My husband has developed serious hip pain and I wake up in the middle of the night with such hip and knee pain that I scream, end up crying and having to take pain medicine to relieve the...