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B&M Motorcars Complaints & Reviews

B&M Motorcars - Virginia, Leesburg / Bad Cars, No Accountability, Poor Customer Service

Apr 18, 2012

Please beware! Do not trust the people at B&M Motorcars, in Leesburg, VA, they are liars and deceive their customers in order to make a sale, no matter what it takes! They fit the typical negative stereotype of money used-car salespeople, it’s shameful! I recently financed a BMW Coupe at B&M Motorcars and initially I was greeted with smiles and great customer service. However, things changed once it came down to business. First of all, when I first inquired about a particular car I was interested in the sales representative gave me a different quote on the phone then what I wa...

B&M Motorcars - Virginia, Leesburg / Poor service

Aug 17, 2011

This company is staffed by poorly trained, non-English speaking idiots. Their receptionist answers the phone like you interrupted her watching "Jersey Shore". Their sales people are complete idiots, and vague on each and every sales aspect they try to force down your throat. If you do not have the entire value of the vehicle available, go elsewhere. Do not listen to their "financing deals", because they are elaborate smoke-and-mirrors. Simple repairs that can be fixed with a few moments of work are passed on to the customer due to their laziness and/or ineptitude. I bought a car with 2...

B&M Motorcars - Virginia, Leesburg / used car dealer misrepresented car, car damages not disclosed


My fiance and I recently bought a used vehicle from B&M Motorcars in Leesburg, VA that had a clean CarFax and that they represented as in great condition, but turns out it has significant rear end collision damage. They owned the car for 2 years and claim they didn't know about the damage. The car pulled to the left when we test drove and they agreed to fix it, but then reneged and agreed only to an alignment (we did get a warranty with the sale, it was not AS IS but they still refuse to touch it). We found it has either a bent rear axle or frame damage and the dealer refuses to repair it...