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Blade Empire Complaints & Reviews

Blade Empire - Arizona, Phoenix / No customer service

Feb 07, 2013

Once you pay for your item and receive confirmation they got your payment you'll NEVER hear from them again even when your item is WRONG you can call them at the number they list but its been disconnected. You can email them at a couple of locations but you'll never get a response from them and you can call the so called corporate number and you'll get a recording saying they will call you back but they never will and finally you can write them with all your info and you will still NEVER hear from them. Your stuck with what ever incorrect merchandise they send you. Their idea of customer service is the same service the bull gives the cow. DO NOT DEAL with them.

Blade Empire / Avoid them at all costs

May 10, 2012

Purchased belt buckles from Blade Empire corporation for $24.75 and in confirmation email they’ve promised 5-8 days delivery time. More than 2!!! weeks passed and I haven’t received anything, I start having doubt if I will ever receive my order because they don’t even bother answering my emails.