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Black Bull Towing Complaints & Reviews

Black Bull Towing / illegally towing car in visitor parking at villa monterrey apts.

Apr 20, 2019

I just bought a used car and been trying to go to office to get my sticker but they were always out of the office. So did next best thing i made sure to park in visitor parking so wouldn't get towed because don't have to have sticker in visitor parking. I came out next morning and car was gone black bull towing had towed vehicle they said didn't have right permit. That's lie don't have to have sticker for visitor parking at all that's why parked there so they wouldnt tow it, they had no right to take my car . they have over 55 complaints for same issues illegally towing cars from apartment...

Black Bull Towing / They towed my car, because there was no parking pass

Nov 12, 2015

The company Black Bull Towing has towed my car and they called me several times and asked to come for the car. I was in hurry and arrived and when the rep told me that I needed to pay $300 for their services, I was shocked. They towed it because there was no parking pass. I left my car only for 5 minutes and they towed it so quickly. I needed to pay, because the staff didn’t want to release my car.