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BionX / Electric bike motor

Jul 05, 2011

I had a Bionx electric motor fitted to my bicycle. I was told at the time that the battery would last about five years. The motor burned out after less than three years of light use and the battery was dead after about the same amount of time even though it had been looked after very carefully according to the instructions. It was going to cost $1700 to get the motor fixed and a new battery was priced at $1400. This is a terrible company to deal with. Their products are shoddy and grossly overpriced and their customer service does not exist. Do not buy anything from BionX.

BionX / Poor Product & Customer Service

Dec 03, 2012

I bought a $1200 BionX system. After 26 charges there was a problem with the battery. The BionX rep implied they would fix it, though I said it was a tad bit after one year. I thought this fair, as they say the batteries have a lifespan of 400-500 charges, and mine had 26. After they got it and looked at it, they told me, and my local bike shop, that I needed to pay. (My local bike shop even told them that in their opinion, my issue appeared before the one year warranty expired.) Even more, they refused to return my battery unless I paid them about 80 dollars! They NEVER warned me of that...