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Bidvertiser Complaints & Reviews

Bidvertiser / Bidvertiser is a scam! ( - watch out!

Apr 30, 2017

Hello everyone! this thread is to spread the word about the network which is called "Bidvertiser" they are a bunch of scammers & below i'll be explaining in depth how they scammed me! So first of all i wanted to try a different cpc network other than adsense & bing ads, i came across an article which has over 15 networks are are recommended by them. Bidvertiser was the first on the list! so i went ahead and signed up with them after reading their information and how they have a "special" team to detect any fraud clicks and prevent them! In addition they offered a free $20 once you deposit your...

Bidvertiser / Stole money from my card


I also had $388 taken from my credit card without my permission. Bidvertiser told me that my card had been declined twice in two emails. I checked my card statement yesterday when it arrived in the post and they had put my card through again and have been billing me every two weeks for january and february. I want a refund and would be grateful to hear how i can get a full refund. Who do i report to?

Bidvertiser / Money taken without permission


Today i verify my bank account and i saw a 102 euros transfer from my account to Bidvertiser without my permission!!! So, use Bidvertiser if you have a lot of money. I can send you a scan copy of my bank account if you want