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Bidcandy Complaints & Reviews

Bidcandy / Be Aware its scam

Dec 12, 2011

That was the most obviously AI populated site I've used. they take turns stopping your bid from finishing, but if I didn't stop the clock the auction finished and the others wouldn't bid. A lot of the prizes go for low, but I don't think it's actual people getting them. I was only trying for a 100 bid pack, I didn't start bidding until around $2.00 when the clock started getting down to 3, and I quit at about $2.60 after stopping the clock at the last second every bid I placed. This is a pretty good sign of something not right when my bids are countered by...

Bidcandy / Scam

Dec 12, 2011

this company gives you 5 bids for signing up. 5 bids for verifing your email. 10 bids for putting out a tweet. Warning this code only works with 25 % of users. then they let you win a 5 bid beginer pack for 2 cents and 1 bid + 1.00 processing fee. I signed up with 5 different user names, only got scamed the $1.02 once, only got the 10 free with a tweet once, and never won anything, except the beginer bid scam. I had a total of 65 bids and got nothing else. Last night I noticed at 3 am there were hundreds of bots on the site. some paid 15 bids to win 10 bids. same user names over and over. No...