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Best Chevrolet Complaints & Reviews

Best Chevrolet - Louisiana, Kenner / dealer

Jan 27, 2015

Recently purchased a car from them Via internet. 12/23/2014 Had car shipped to Indiana and car was as described but that is all. Down hill from there. They sent us the paperwork via UPS overnight. We sent back with all the appropriate signatures along with the certified check for the vehicle. We requested a copy of all the signed paperwork by both parties to be returned along with a form ST108 which the State of Indiana requires (which we supplied a copy of) Car arrived shortly after Christmas with no paperwork. They said that they would send it right away. Waited and Waited no paperwork. We...

Best Chevrolet - Louisiana, Metairie / Awful service


Best Chevrolet has the worst customer service. I went in looking at 2 2010 Chevrolet vehicles. I test drove one of the vehicles I was looking at but they refused to let me test drive the Camaro. I made it very clear I was interested in buying the Camaro, and they told me they dont allow test drives on them. As if someone would buy a car they have never driven. The salesman went as far as to tell me the Camaro wasn't a practical choice for me, as though he should have any say in what car I decide to purchase. I thought maybe I just had gotten unlucky and ended up with a rude...

Best Chevrolet - Louisiana, Kenner / Bad service


Currently own one Chevy purchased from this dealership. Brought vehicle back for warrenty service. Had car looked at by tech, which found the source of the problem, stated they had to order parts. Scheduled an appointment for the next week. Dropped car off as scheduled, they had the car for 1 1/2 days when I called to check. When I asked about it, they said they had no idea why the car where there, the service person was very rude to me an blamed me for the reason the car was not worked on. Three days before I had pre-ordered a car from this same dealership (same time as them looking at the car...