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Bergmans Cleaners Complaints & Reviews

Bergmans Cleaners - Virginia / lost items


they lost part of a cleaning order- a large piece of fabric that was a silk window swag- i was RUDELY told by the "Customer service" deptartment that it was not their fault it was left over the time frame- i like many people travel, and have always received a call from the store drop off point. Bergmans mysteriously sent back everything else in the order except the window swag. MR. BERGMAN? called on 5/7/09 to RUDELY tell me they were not going to pay b/c it was over 90 days. i explained that it seemed strange that they return all other items[ including cashmere sweaters] but not the swag...

Bergmans Cleaners / Do not use them


I had two area rugs and 7 scatter rugs cleaned by Bergmans. Problems: 1. Two of my rugs were returned without fringes. 2. The rugs were picked up to have the fringes replaced. 3. Bergmans indicated that they had lost one of the rugs and would try to locate them. 4. Bergmans left the smaller rug in my door on a Friday without calling. I was away for the weekend. My door was left ajar for the weekend. 5. Bergmans began discussing the cost of the replacement of the second rug with me because they thought they had lost the rug. 4. Bergamans said they had found the rug. I gave them specific...