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BEonTV Complaints & Reviews

BEonTV - Texas / scam

Jun 20, 2012

I worked with this group in Dallas and then in is my understanding that some of the former employees of Be Productions had ventured off and started another group...K&L Productions...stands for Kim and Lisa...their aka names are Shay (Kim) and "don't remember Lisa's)...I travelled to Austin with them until I got the feeling of the scam...I got my money and got out... K&L Productions...Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

BEonTV - Texas, Dallas / Taking Advantage of Children


Your child goes to the mall and is selected. Your child then goes to a screen test and is selected. You go to the production studio and they have you thinking you will be on Disney or something very close to it. They went on and on about how my daughter had all the potential to be a star and had what it takes to be an extra on Disney or one of their shows. Than they hit you up for over $1, 000. The website has nothing about management and is poorly designed. Complete joke. What talent scout would ever go to this to find someone? Our represenative only had a cell phone and email that was not...