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Benson and Hedges Complaints & Reviews

Benson and Hedges / benson cigarettes

Jun 30, 2019

Hi i bought a packet of benson and hedges blue and the packet was all ok and intact but when i pulled a cigerette out some was ripped and most of them had all this prints over them they are expensive enough without buying a box and it being damaged. I was wary about smoking them also as didnt no if they would be harmful in anyway i have alot of health issues and takes me atleast twenty minuites to walk to a shop whe its only five minuites away.

Benson and Hedges - Queensland, Rockhampton / product

Sep 16, 2018

Last night I purchased a packet of Benson and Hedges cigarettes 25 as stated by the staff member only to arrive home and find that they only contained 23 (as stated on the packet). The Government has recently increased the price by 12+% and now your Company are selling cigarettes which only contain 23 instead of 25 - please explain to me how we can be charged such outragious prices and receive less than previously packaged. I look forward to hearing from you...

Benson and Hedges / cigarettes

Mar 01, 2017

I have purchased a 10 pack carton of Benson & Hedges Cigarettes from Emirates Duty free shop at Terminal C on 23.2.17. On opening the individual packs, cigarettes appear damp and appears to be very old stock. The Bar code scanner reading indicates packing date as July 2015. This is very surprising and never happened to me before. Also the pack does not have the statutory warning that is standard practice now. Being a non-smoker I didn't notice it as the carton is purchased for gifting to others.

Benson and Hedges / pricing

Nov 02, 2015

i have been smoking this brand for a while. i have been buying this cigarettes from a sasol garage and the advertised price is R25 but this garage has advised us that Benson &hedges is selling this cigarette for R26.50. I feel that this is misleading to advertise a pack of cigarettes for R25 and sell it for R26.50. This is unacceptable and i m going to take this matter up to the consumer and advertising departments. i have all my receipts with me if you require proof. i reside in clare estate, durban, kwazulu natal. ashley.[protected] [protected]