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Beneficial Finance Complaints & Reviews

Beneficial Finance - North Carolina / Debt never going away

lisbella on May 2, 2012

We took out a loan 12 years ago for $10, 000, paying $200 a month and still owe $8900. I'm curious how many customers do not have the same account # from their original signed contract?

Beneficial Finance / Stay away

LKv8111 on May 18, 2011

If anyone starts a class action - I am there! They keep taking mortgage payments out of my account, every couple of weeks, and I have never authorized them. When I call, I am never allowed to speak to a manager, only advised to send a fax, with all the details to the Research Department. I call every day and am told it can take 4-6 weeks to get an answer. In the meantime, my account is completely overdrawn. My bank is being great in trying to help me, but I can't get the payments to stop. I put a block on any more payments, and did get a phone call stating that if I don't remove the...

Beneficial Finance / Thieves

What a fool i am on Apr 7, 2011

My husband and I have a mortgage with HSBC aka HFC aka BF. They give you the runaround when you call. Their reps are extremely rude, uneducated and experts at getting you angry. We tried for a loan modification. We wasted 6 months of our time. We have not received mortgage statements for over 6 years. We are in bankruptcy and paying them back an obscene amount of money on arrears. Big mistake taking a mortgage with you BF. I bad mouth you to everyone I know and tell them to stay away. I'm doing my best to refinance and get away from you thieves.

Beneficial Finance / rude and very frustrating to deal with

Chego on Feb 7, 2011

Have tried and tried working with Beneficial for a modification plan. Spent over two years with numerous phone calls and faxes and dealing with rude people and still nothing. Can't get informatioin from them. worst company I have ever dealth with, so sorry my loan got sold to them...I want out!!! All they do is give you the run around. I have wrote to my senators and congressman and they have been no help. they say they don't regulate Beneficial. Don't know why the government can't help. They bailed everybody out. Seems like everybody is scared of Beneficial, so those of us who got their services are just screwed!

Beneficial Finance / Sick of this company and their lies

Deedeec574 on Feb 1, 2011

I have tried and tried and tried to work with this company have spent countless hours on the phone talking to person after person. Faxed the same items requested over and over again to differnet people and nothing ever changes. Our account is now more than we borrowed from this company over four years later of paying them thousands and thousands of dollars. They lied to me for four months telling me they just needed a payment to get our modification thru. It took six months of them charging me interest and late fees ect. before the modification went thru and now it is six months later and...

Beneficial Finance / Loan high interest rate


I have been paying on a loan going on 3 years, and its more now than what I borrowed. I borrowed 8, 000 dollars from Beneficial Finance 3 years ago. I was paying 170.00 dollars a month. I never missed a payment on my loan. Two months ago I called to get a balance on my loan and they said my balance is 8, 400.oo dollars. I was furious and asked for details on why I still owe that much money. They told me out of my 170.00 dollar monthly payment only 15.00 dollars was going on the principal and the rest was interest. It was hard to believe.

Beneficial Finance / Scam


After being told in July that they were going to process a deed in lieu of foreclosure and it would take approximately 6 weeks. I never received the paper work to sign. I contacted the company and documented who I spoke with every time. I was put on a list where my account number could not even be answered by a customer service person. I was told that the deed in lieu had in deed been requested and they went out and put a lock on my home to secure their property. As of 9-9-09 I still had not received paperwork to complete the deed in lieu of foreclosure. I spoke to a Mrs. Brown and she said...

Beneficial Finance / Terrible company


Beneficial finance is the mortgage company. i received notice from them that i was (3) years past due on my property taxes and i was charged appx $1390 to my existing mortgage for the taxes which i had already paid. i called and talked to someone & thought I had fixed the problem. my payments are set up on ez pay draft and was i pissed when my next payment was for an additional $140.97 to pay back the property taxes. i tried talking to them again; was sent to appx 3 different people. they said i would have to pay the extra each month until the problem was resolved & them i would be refunded...

Beneficial Finance - Massachusetts, Taunton / Will not lower my interest rate

I am so completely lost and have no way of getting out of this loan!! At first I paid on time, then I had a little financial problems, and fell behind. I called them and they showed no mercy whatsoever.. I really just decide to let the whole thing go and slide into bankrupcy. My mother convinced me to talk to these idiots and try to catch up with the loan. Well I have done so, but there is a huge amount that they have added to the end of the loan. I feel buried up to my eyeballs and no way out---I will be paying this thing off for 50 years!!! I pay 1800 a month and the loan never seems to go down!!! Please Help me, I need advice on what I can do!

Beneficial Finance / Illegal policies


I went to Beneficial last month to pay my bill and I'm told that they no longer accept $$$ you know those little green pieces of paper with the words "Legal tender for all debts public and private" on them? Yes, they wouldn't take it! I pointed out their policy was illegal which the office staff agreed. So, it took me a few days to bring them a check. I went by again this month and the branch had closed! No note, no automated phone call, no e-mail, no warning whatsoever. It just shows how much they care about the customer I guess.

Beneficial Finance - North Carolina, Monroe / Account number

I called to get my account number to be set up on the hardship program the lady disscussed over the phone . the man on the phone said he could not give it to me and no one else could. Well if he can take my social security number then i feel he could have gave me my account number or directed where to get cause i explain to him i didnt have a bill with the number on it . and so he just hung up instead of helping me. kim page

Beneficial Finance / Stopped my bank account so I can't get my money


Beneficial made it so easy to keep borrowing money. But when I tried to get the payments lowered I got no help. They started garnishing 25% of my check which financially killed me! I left that job about 8 months ago. They contacted my bank last Friday and froze my money! I was already having problems paying my bills. I am livid! I wish I knew what to do, any ideas? To go back a little I had been summoned for a court hearing. I paid $500 for help and I got none. The CEO of this place has no sole. They branch I borrowed from has gone out of business, I hope they whole place goes under.

Beneficial Finance / Fraud


Beneficial Finance, Richmond, Va. called me over and over again. I did not return their calls. I finally asked them to not call me again at my workplace. They had the nerve to send me a letter today that "my loan«, which I never applied for, I never stepped foot in their office, my "loan” was denied and on my credit rept. I'm sure they were mad I did not return their constant calls nor come in and meet w/ them. Isn’t this fraud? I never applied for a loan w/ them? Can someone help me w/ this?