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7 Picton Street is a luxury highrise condominium. As president of the Board of Directors, I can state that we have attempted to get Bell Expressview to upgrade their existing service in the building to H.D. We have attempted this for at least 3 years. Bell made a half hearted attempt 3 years ago by installing wiring in our garbage chute (!). In addition to disabling some areas of the chute (and being contrary to City Bylaws) it didn't work. We had to have it removed. Many, many attempts to call Bell Expressview (both from our Board and our property management company) have been completed...

Bell ExpressView / ### service!


I moved from vancouver to just outside 100 milehouse , bc 1 year ago. As there are no cable lines where we live we signed up with bell. We were informed that the satellite signal may be interrupted during several thunder storms, snow storms etc. The truth is that all we need here is a PARTIAL cloud cover and we lose the signal. What a joke this service is. No wonder they force you to sign a three year contract with no way out. I've complained with no avail, the customer service rep stating that we were warned and her hands were tied. WARNING TO ALL WHO ARE CONTEMPLATING BELL EXPRESSVIEW...

Bell ExpressView / Customer service stinks!


On May 25th we tried to disconnect our Bell Express as we were moving. We were told we should have phoned before the 23rd because they need 30 days, upon reading the small print they were right but 1 hour later we were still trying to disconnect the service. They just did not want to disconnect it. Now it is 27th of June and we still have not received our credit for 1 month so I phoned Bell Express and after much arguing the young lady put me on hold and when she came back on line said she had issued a cheque for 1 month credit which we would receive in 4 to 6 weeks., I then asked her why they...