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BDVentu Complaints & Reviews

BDVentu / not sure could have been a sample trial of dietary pills

Apr 13, 2019

Home since March 2019 I have been charged on my credit card directly from my bank account $79.79 for a product that I did not order or receive and they have taken out a total so far of $159 58 . I had no idea this was a scam and I don't even know what the product is that they are talking about because I have not received anything just have been violated by them stealing money out of my bank account I am on a low income budget due to I am disabled and this is something I will not stand for I sure hope others get this message and are able to find some resolution if not take Civil action suit to...

BDVentu / "diet pills"???

Apr 05, 2019

The same story as everyone else... There are 2 charges on my card from Bdventu that I did not authorize. I guess I asked for a "free trial, just pay shipping and handling"... I never received the trial products and now they have charged me full price for both products... I called the number on my statement and as usual the call center was probably not in the USA and I could not understand what the person was saying..

BDVentu / no product just charge on my card

Oct 29, 2018

I just decided to check the transactions on my card when I heard an amount I knew I didn't charge. So I looked them up and the only thing I could find about them was another person complaining of the exact same thing for the exact same amount. I can't figure out how to even go after them. The one thing I do know is this fraud and a rip off. Does anybody else know anything about this so called bdventu???

BDVentu - California, California City / I have know idea what this product is

Jul 25, 2018

I haven't a clue what this product is. I just seen the text message saying that $79.97 was pending from my account. So I haven't a clue who or what it is. These companies who are scamming good Americans need to quit. There's no one doing anything about it. People are hacking are accounts. And we complain to BBB and all they say is we can't get a locate cell on them. But let someone speed and shoplift.