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B&D Services Complaints & Reviews

B&D Services / The man is thief and doesn't start the job

Jan 26, 2016

Avoid B&D Services Gary Hayes. I have hired this man for the job and he asked me only for money. He said that he would buy everything and would start the job on Monday, 11th of January. This man never called me back or showed up. All my money disappeared with this man. Please, be caution and don’t work with this person. He is very misleading and wants only to get you money.

B&D Services / The owner had excuses and he didn't buy materials

Jan 17, 2016

I met the owner of B&D Services in summer 2015. He said that he didn’t have work and after some time I agreed to hire him for small job in my kitchen. We agreed that he would make floor and counter. I have paid $3, 800 for the job and materials, and he said that I could buy some stuff. I bought everything and he said that he would finish the project and would come to me. He still hasn’t purchased materials and hasn’t even started the job.