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Bartecla LLC Complaints & Reviews

Bartecla LLC - New York / Fraud Charge


I have had 2 charges from BARTECLA LLC WWW.BARTECLA.NYUS. My first was in July for $9.74 and I just got my second one on my NEW card number Dec 10th for $8.39. My bank credited my account on the first one and gave me a new card. Now a few months later they got my account number again. I run several GOOD anti-spyware programs so i think my computer is safe. I am thinking it must be coming from one of the companies i purchase from. I have used both of my cards with a few Online Stock Image sites such as Fotolia, iStock and Lets try to eliminate them from the mix or find a common link here. Has anyone used their card on any of these sites and later found a BARTECLA LLC charge on that same card?

Bartecla LLC - New York, Success / bank fraud


I posted on Tues saying I was charged .22 cents on my debit card. I called the bank and canceled my card. Today, I received a phone call from 866.375.0529. This man told me that because of my good credit with my debit card (AND HE GAVE ME THE LAST FOUR DIGITS), I was to receive a Mastercard Platinum gas card. I think this has something to do with this scam. How would this guy know my last four digits of my card?? I told him he was scamming me and I canceled my card. He asked me if I had a different card. I said no, and he quickly hung up. I am afraid to call this number. I would love it if someone wants to call this number and catch these guys. We need to get officials involved. Keep me posted!

Bartecla LLC - New York, Lake Success / Illegal ecommerce charge...never heard of them


I had a charge show up on my credit card account in the amount of 9.68. I have never heard of this company and never had dealings with them. The company name Bartecla rang a bell and I remembered that this same company had put through a fake charge on one of my other accounts about a year ago. These are fraudulent charges!! I believe they run small amounts through to see if they are noticed by the account holder. You have to contact your bank to be able to report the fraud and to get any phone information on this company.