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Backup Duty Lite Complaints & Reviews

Backup Duty Lite / It has really screwed up my computer

Oct 14, 2012

I kept getting this Backup Lite message on my computer. I couldn't get rid of it. Finally, I decided to buy it which I did. Then I downloaded the program and began to backup my files. It seems to have backed them all up. However, when I tried to use one of my files, it was a hassle to get to it. I decided to restore all my files. Suddenly Back Up Duty Lite no longer works. It has really screwed up my computer. It seems like the Body Snatchers. It took my files and left me with a strange residue.

Backup Duty Lite / Irritating pop ups

Jul 01, 2012

I used services of Backup Duty Lite company, however after some time I started to notice that an annoying and troublesome box for backup duty lite started to appear after every activity. It was so irritating!! I deleted this program and hopefully everything will become OK. But if it do not, I will certainly call the lawyer!