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Baby Blue Eyes Ragdolls Complaints & Reviews

Baby Blue Eyes Ragdolls - Massachusetts, Webster / cat breeder

Dec 27, 2018

Run away! Trust me. This is going to be a long review but read the whole thing and read all the other negative reviews before you put down a deposit because then you will already be 10 steps ahead of me when I started this process. I am writing this review, not because I want to, but for the person who may get scammed in the future. I hope you read this before you are tricked by a cute kitten picture like I was. I put a deposit on an adorable bicolor kitten last month. At the time I was speaking to several breeders in the area, but jeanine had kittens available immediately (with the other...

Baby Blue Eyes Ragdolls / ragdoll breeder that cannot be trusted

Sep 12, 2018

I was supposed to receive my kitten in 3 days when Jeanine texted me to say my kitten had died because she dropped her while getting her into the tub. I can only assume she is the most irresponsible breeder I have ever heard of OR she is selling the kittens for a higher price, even though they've been promised to people already. So dishonest and I will be placing a call to whatever registration board needed to get some attention on her dishonest business she is running.