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Axis Wellness Portal Complaints & Reviews

Axis Wellness Portal - Florida / unauthorized credit card billing


I did recieve a free sample of dental whiting product. Apparently the "terms and agreement" portion of the order contained many "agreements" that would automatically take afffect within 15 days unless cancelled by the customer. This "reverse ordering" system borders on being a scam in my opinion. When I called the customer service number I began to received a lecture about "customer responsibility"!!! Somewhere in the "lecture" the service rep. understood what I thought about the process. My account was promply credited for both amounts and I was instructed to refer to this web site to finalize the cancellation. My lesson from this - - - my dentist is still one of mans best friends!!!

Axis Wellness Portal - California / unauthorized billing on credit card


I ordered a free trial kit from Ivory Brite but canceled it 2 minutes later after submittion. They still insisted on sending home the kit and confirmed that I'll no longer receiving any additional charges from them, but I'm being billed $9.99 from Axis Wellness Portal for the last 2 months for unknown reasons. I did not receive any further product or service from either Ivory Brite or Axis Wellness Portal. They're just charging my credit card as if it's an unlimited source of cash. I went to their website and it has nothing on it; just one front page and that's about it. I...

Axis Wellness Portal - Texas / Unauthorized billing to credit card


I ordered a product called Ivory Brite (teeth whitening) and was subsequently billed. Order was placed on my visa card. When reviewing my credit card bill I noticed a charge of $9.99 from Axis Wellness Portal. I did not order anything from them and want my credit card credited. thanks Franklin Scheffers ([email protected])