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Avesta Capital Advisers LLC Complaints & Reviews

Avesta Capital Advisers LLC - New York, New York / Financial product scam

Aug 06, 2016

Said they were in court in USA to extract money from Apple Investmant Co. I had to supply details of amount paid to Apple a few years before, for a program on Forex trading, that was a failure. Then at a later date after supplying the information they said they were close to settlement and if I added to the amount then I could purchase shares in JPenny. That would be done through another department of Advesta. After months of phone calls back and forward I eventually paid up for JPenny shares. I had rung the number in NY and spoke to the office who verified the information. Contract account...

Avesta Capital Advisers LLC - Queensland, Southport / Scam company run by Steo Keating

Jun 12, 2015

Avesta Captial Advisers LLC is a complete scam run by professional con man, criminal, liar and total sleazebag Steo Ceitinn (also known as Steo keating, Stephen keating and Stephen Ceittin) Do not beleive a word these criminals and con men tell you - they have been running serious scams from the Gold Coast for a decade and are about to come undone big time. Steo Ceitinn ran many criminal ventures with his best mate Sean O'Dalaigh now going by the name John Daly. Another Irish criminal Anthony hartnett (Steo's brother in law) was involved in numerous scams as well. These guys are total ### - they are an organised irish crime gang and have defrauded many people. Be very wary of Avesta Cap