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Avenue Clearance Rectification Complaints & Reviews

Avenue Clearance Rectification / Payday

Feb 02, 2016

Good morning, I am getting harassment emails; please see below. I've never heard of the company nor do I have any record. want to inform you that in my database your debt is still remaining in the amount of $1110.00 and that's why we have contacted you. AVENUE CLEARANCE RECTIFICATION Inc. stands for The Association of Original Creditor and Settlement Company. This is Original Lander Name of the Company Is AVENUE CLEARANCE RECTIFICATION Inc. (UNDER THIS COMPANY ALL PROVIDED WORKING) My name is David Johnson, I am from financial crime investigating department. AVENUE CLEARANCE...

Avenue Clearance Rectification / Emails Demanding Money

Jan 18, 2016

I received an email this morning from "[protected]@avenueclearancerectification.Com stating that i had defaulted on an internet agreement. They are demanding payment as of today in an unreasonable amount. I asked to see a contract, but they have yet to send one. The only thing they keep sending me has my information on it along with my address. I think it may be something that i applied for along time ago but never received. I will be checking with my bank tomorrow as well. They will only reply back to emails and i have tried to get a name from them and they will not give me that or a phone number.