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Avalon at Aberdeen Station Complaints & Reviews

Avalon at Aberdeen Station - New Jersey, Aberdeen / Avalon at Aberdeen Station


We originally moved into building 4 because there were great rent incentives on this one apartment, we soon found out why. While my 2 year old daughter and I were trying to enter the building one afternoon we were stopped by a man. He proceeded to scream and curse at me and block my way as I tried to get away because my daughter was terrified. I tried explaining to him that while we lived above him, it could not possibly be us he was complaining about vaccuming at midnight because we had not moved in our belongings in yet from 1500 miles away. He continued to scream telling me to lock the baby...

Avalon at Aberdeen Station - New Jersey, Matawan / Rude Management


Absolute control freaks. Constant threatening notes to the entire community about policy enforcement and arbitrary rules created on the fly (esp. regarding parking) that feel like the place is ran like a prison. I feel as if I have to get their approval for every guest that comes to visit and my guests come less and less because they are made to feel unwelcome by the staff. Staff has yelled at my guests when they tried to obtain a parking permit on their own. Constantly raising apartment rates despite they don't pay any property taxes of note due to local dirty politics by the original...