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auto mobile code Complaints & Reviews

auto mobile code - Texas, New Caney / refund

Mar 28, 2015

i ordered the auto mobile code app. off the internet a bout 3 days ago and it was not what they said it was and it did not do what they said it would do . i tried to contact contact there socalled support team but could not get no one to return my calls . i put a complaint on the clickbetter site were i had ordered it from the next day, i have not herd from them.i am trying to get a refund it has been four days now.please help..

auto mobile code / fraud

Nov 29, 2014

This site advertizes a guaranteed money-making scheme using a "secret code" set within the infrastructure of something called: Click Everyone in the video is an obvious actor who never stutters or misses a beat on their lines. It's rather insulting to watch it but I wanted to see the complete scam before I read everyone else's complaints that it was a scam too! Sure enough, if this was "free", then everyone would be doing it. And the sly-slickter line is: "don't tell anyone about this because you're specially chosen to get this code for free:"...and of course start...