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Auto Marketing Systems Complaints & Reviews

Auto Marketing Systems - Virginia, Roanoke / bad business dealings

Sep 16, 2013

Purchased an online package on 4/18/13 from valerie (at the time in sales department/ Valerie 1-888-550-2703 ext 113). she would call me for months and made an excellent pitch until i agreed to try there services. The service provided is to sell my product (motorcycle) with in 90 days from the start date or i can continue with them after 90 days or receive a reimbursement credit back on my debit card. When 90 days came up i did the following procedures and sent them a cancellation notice that was from a notary as they requested. Once they received it which they did on 7/29/13 at 12:18pm from...

Auto Marketing Systems - Virginia, Roanoke / Scam -be aware!!

May 1, 2013

When my husband passed away due to terminal disease I had to sell his motorcycle and I posted an ad on Craig's list, shortly after I got a call from this company called Auto Marketing Systems or, claiming they have a number of customers who are looking for the exact model from their data base, and they will continue to advertise my motorcycle through their marketing channels, and I agreed to utilize their service for $249 with a 90 days money back guarantee, this was in September of 2012. Not only that I did not get one single phone call from their advertisement, their...

Auto Marketing Systems / Unsolicited Spam after Craigslist ad

Jun 13, 2012

I posted a 'car for sale' ad on Craigslist, sold the car the next day and immediately took the ad down. The ad had my cell phone number listed. For several days afterwards, I received one call per day that came up as "Unknown Number". I answered each time and was greeted by dead air and finally a click. I could not call the number back because it was an "unknown number" and the "call back" icon on my iPhone was not clickable. Finally on about the 6th day, I let it go to voicemail. I received a message from "Matt Carter" of "Longwood, Inc." wanting to sell my car for me. He used the...

Auto Marketing Systems / Don't use this listing site

Feb 12, 2012

I listed my vehicle with AMS in Oct. of 2011, and the vehicle sold before the 90 day period. I returned all the cancellation requirements to AMS within the appointed time, and they still have not returned my listing fee! I returned the form on Jan. 25, 2011, and it is now May 2011. Every time I call AMS they assure me that I will receive my refund, but I do not think they intend to refund my money at all. DO NOT USE this listing site!

Auto Marketing Systems - Texas / Fraud

Aug 16, 2011

My friend and I received a message from Auto Marketing Systems stating they could assist us with marketing a automobile we had listed in autotrader and provide prescreened and qualified buyers for the vehichle. Wow, we were excited and thought since we had already completed most of the footwork and had the pictures and ad written we could have multiple listings and we would have better results. We forgot to stop and research the company before actually placing the ad. At this time after uploading all the pictures and doing everything I was told, I have not been able to actually locate a...

Auto Marketing Systems / RIP OFF

Mar 19, 2011

Reading all the complaints now. It is too late, because I alredy paid them. For services that I never ever received. It is not fair that these people play with our needs. I was desperate to sell my van, and I put it on autotrader. com, so the next day I received a phone call from this place, saying they could help me to sell it sooner that autotrader. So, I went for it. I was so excited. But after reading all of these complaints I got so dissapointed of myself, because I always check, before having business with someone. But I really needed to sell my car, so I did not even think about it. I...

Auto Marketing Systems - Virginia / Refund is a Scam

Mar 12, 2011

We put our vehicle up on Auto Trader. Auto Marketing Systems got our information from this website. They contacted via phone stating that they would sell our vehicle within 90 days for $249. If they did not sell our vehicle within the 90 days for our asking price, we would be refunded $219. We were skeptical at first, but thought "why not, we get our money back and are only out $30". We never got one call on our vehicle and filled out the necessary paperwork to get our refund. We had to follow the fine print maticulously and made sure and followed all of the Auto Marketing System rules. We...

Auto Marketing Systems - California, Huntington Beach / SCAM in H.B, C.A

Jan 20, 2011

The Auto Marketing Systems company is ripping people off! I listed my car on craigslist and received a call from AMS. They rep was very pleasant and said that they had helped many people sell their cars successfully. She also said that they had customers interested in a car like mine. I went for the $149.00 deal, which gives AMS an unlimited time to sell your car. They would put the customers in touch with me and I would be able to sell my car for the asking price (no hagglers). They would also call me in 2 weeks to check in with me. Well, I had to call them. One: after 2 weeks I had NOT...

Auto Marketing Systems - Virginia, Roanoke / Horrible Customer service (KRISTA)


This is the biggest Scam Ever! I signed up with these guys a month ago and didn't recieve one call from anyone to buy my car. I ended up selling it myself. I was told that if I sell it on my own they would refund my money immediately. I called them today to get my money back and they say I have to wait the full 90 days to get my money back. I was not told this at all. I was told I would get it right back. The customer service representative was horrible and very rude. Her name was Krista and she wouldn't even transfer me to the salesman who sold it to me or her supervisor. How horrible is that. I would never buy anything from them just because of her! Poor Company with poor customer service!

Auto Marketing Systems - Virginia, Roanoke / 100% SCAM. Beware


This is the most deceptive and fraudulant company that I have ever dealt with and I'm 56 years old. The PR and phone calls prior to signing were almost word for word what the others have said. "We've got buyers looking for that year and model" and "Oh that's the correct price." After the signup comes dead silence - not a single call, email or anything. I was very skeptical, but my spouse was certain that the voice on the other end was sincere. The voice probably learned to sound sincere by working one of the "900" numbers as a "friend". I get 2 or 3 phone calls every time I...

Auto Marketing Systems - Virginia / BIG SCAM!!!!


Hi my name is leslie, i have had the wost expirence with this company and is like also like a bad dream, everyday i wake up so mad at this situation and i vow to push this as high as this can go and my aim is to sink these people by speading the truth to the public so that nonone else is subjected to this scam... I posted my add for my infiniti cause i was stressed and wanted to just start over in life and i was willing to sell my car so that i can speand more time with my family. Winter was on its way in and i desided to post an ad on the auto trader website by posting this ad i recieve...

Auto Marketing Systems - California / False Advertising, Don't Do What They Say


They advertsie that they buy lists of potential buyers who are interested in your specific vehicle and that they will send buyers to you. This is false. All they do is put your vehicle on some obcsure website and thats it. I did that on my own at for $25 and sold the car myself. Then I did EXACTLY what they said to get my refund, sent it in the correct time frame, notorized, etc and it has now been 2 1/2 months and I have not gotten my refund. Every time I call (and I have called at least five times) they tell me that my refund is being processed and I will get it in a few days. Don't trust these people. They are either incredibly INEPT or total LIARS.

Auto Marketing Systems - Virginia / Scam


We were contacted by Melanie, who said she was from a company that matched buyers of used cars to sellers for $199.00. My husband specifically asked the question--"What if we sell the car through another means?" (We had advertised through the newspaper.) She said that we would get all our money back minus $29, and said nothing about a 90 day waiting policy before getting our money back. We sold the car 3 days after the posting and called the company immediately, who then told us about the 90 day policy and refused to give us a refund. In order to get a refund we have to get the request notarized. We disputed this with our credit card company and have reported them to the BBB. Please do not use this service!