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Auto insurance Complaints & Reviews

Auto insurance - California, Desert Hot Springs / Illegal claim practices


They either dont have money to pay their valid claims or they are sheisters.. My guess is sheisters.. they say one thing and do nothing they dont even return calls.. My car was destroyed by one of their clents and i was at no fault and they have not replaced my car or offered me the value of my car so for almost 2 months now i have not had a car. They gave me an over priced rental that i CAN';T AFFORD THE INSURANCE TO EVEN DRIVE. Not tomention the fact that My back and Neck are killing me from the accident and they have not replaced the value of my own car so i can have someone drive me...

Auto insurance - New Jersey / Bad Credit means high auto insurance rates.


I'm not sure what other states are currently practicing this robbery technique, but if you have bad credit in NJ, your car insurace could be sky high! Can anyone tell me what a credit score has to do with my FLAWLESS DRIVING RECORD?? 20 years ago I was a high risk because I was young, a male, inexperienced, and thats just the way it was.. Now, if my credit score is'nt a 720, I'm getting bent over for car insurance?? If I had perfect credit, does this mean the insurance company will provide me a loan to purchase a home or a car? Does this mean i have NO DEDUCTABLE? Will they hook me...