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Attorney Complaints & Reviews

Attorney - Florida, Rockledge / inept

Oct 2, 2014

I hired this lawyer to do a foreclosure and was that ever a mistake ! Complete ignorant JERK lawyer. Did not even know the interest rate for the default on a mortgage maximum interest rate . I had to tell him. This was to reopen a foreclosure for which a decision was already made a year or so prior. NOw final judgements of that type in Florida are good for 20 years and that is all that had to be known. And this jerk said well I think the other party is going to win ! I had to pay that ... ... all kinds of money for nothing. Next I got another lawyer who knew the 20 year rule right off as any...

Attorney - New Jersey, Whippany / Failure to properly represent me and protect my rights

Nov 19, 2012

Someone had remortgaged their home and I was the lender. There is word that this loan was fraud and that the owner did not make the loan. Carmine Campenile has refused and failed to do anything about it. He never went to title insueance company to try and investigate and to recoupe my funds which was his job as well as his responsibility as my attorney and attorney at the closing.

Attorney - Texas, Houston Galveston / Kevin M Prendrergast

Jul 16, 2012

THE worst experience I have ever had with anyone. Mr.Prendergast failed to do everything he said he would do, and did absolutely nothing that I asked of him. For example. I was to receive itemized statements from him and advance notice prior charges placed on my credit card. This did not happen. I never received any statements, much les itemized, or advance notice for any of the three charges placed on my credit card totaling $6000.00. I was also to receive copies of all communication between him and my wife's attorney. This also did not occur. In fact I never received anything, not one...

Attorney - California / Yodle scam

Jun 29, 2012

Yodle "guaranteed" that they would place my company on page one in the organic section of Google, they said they were one of a small number of 'special partners with Google' so they could do this. The next day I asked again about this guarantee, and they said they did not guarantee Google, but could guarantee being on page one of a "major" search engine. I told them I relied on their promise for Google, and want to cancel the contract. They refused! I now understand there is no such 'special partnership' with Google, and this was a scam.

Attorney - California / scam


This person name "JOHN SMITH" (the person had a heavy accent) said that I was going to be in trouble if I did not call back because a payday loan company called Us Cash was tring to collect money and I don't have a payday loan. Some how they are tring to collect money by telling them that they owe money. JOHN SMITH would not give me the name of his office or let me talk to his superior.

Attorney - Florida, Orlando / Fraud


I recevied a call from my son who lives in California and he said that an Officer Mark Williams was calling for me and that I should call him as soon as possible. My son called me with officer Williams #. I called him and he said he was a police officer and tht I was subject of fraud from a company called Arrowhead and that it was done while I was working on my job in California and he had my SS# and my email address that I haven't used in over 5 yrs. He started hollering at me and he sounded from an African descent. I hung up because I didn't know who this guy was. I found his # on...