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at the beach Tanning Salon Complaints & Reviews

at the beach Tanning Salon - Colorado, Fort Collins / SCAM canceling policy

Jan 18, 2012

At The Beach is HORRIBLE!! Went into salon and cancelled membership. The clerk told me to sign the electronic pad and then assured me that my account was cancelled. I continued to get billed (auto debit). They would not refund my 2 months because the clerk didn't know she was supposed to give me a receipt. I thought signing the pad would transfer to their records. I was not aware I had to have a hard copy receipt! So, I went into salon again and tried to cancel AGAIN and they told me their computer and printer weren't working so they couldn't print off a cancel receipt. This place...

at the beach Tanning Salon - Oklahoma, Tulsa / billing

Feb 18, 2011

Dear who it may concern, I am a LOYAL customer of at the beach. I love tanning and the amazing workers at the 51st and Harvard store in Tulsa, Oklahoma know this. I had recently went through a spinal fusion in September 27th 2010. I had a doctors note written saying I could not tan until I was healed. I had receieved a letter from Cindy Stuart (corporate office manager) saying, "I have received your letter regarding the recent surgery that you just had. As of this date I have frozen your account/payments until 2/18/11 to allow you the time to recuperate. If you have any further question...

at the beach Tanning Salon - Missouri, Sunrise Beach / Needing to cancel and they wouldn't allow it


I had signed up for a tanning package back in 2007 and had supposedly signed a contract stating that I couldn't cancel my contract for any reason. Well, obviously I had no idea about that. About a year into my supposed contract I had lost my job and couldn't continue to pay the tanning payment of $37.00 a month. I had this payment being taken out of my checking account automatically, so I had went down to tanning place and told them the situation. The manager then proceeded to tell me about the contract I had signed. Well, I was furious to say the least and went to my bank and had...