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AT & T U-verse Complaints & Reviews

AT & T U-verse - Kansas, Wichita / Liars

Mar 31, 2012

After placing services on vacation hold, I was told that the minimum was 60 days. After attempting to receive our email we were unable to and was told different things by different people every time we called in to get it resolved. Finally after 60 days we removed the vacation hold and now they say it is 90 days minimum and have charged us $30 for each service to reconnect. We have not payed the $60 and will not. We have also eliminated the services. The company AT & T lies to you and it takes 3 to 4 months to get an adjustment to your account if you are lucky. Everyone just keeps passing the...

AT & T U-verse - California, West Hills CA / Misrepresentation, Bait & Switch


About a year ago a door-to-door solicitor for AT&T came to my home telling me about the new fiber optic technology that was available through AT&T. I have a photography business and a high speed connection is vital to my business. The salesman promised outstanding and fast service, however, I would have to get a TV/Internet package. He advised me that I would receive two months of free service and that I could cancel at any time. Needless to say the service was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!! The TV was blurry and the internet service...well lets just say it made dial-up look like a rocket!! I canceled...

AT & T U-verse / Over Charge


This AT & T U-Verse System is a scam and I recommend don't get the service or when the door to door sales man comes knocking don't answer the door. I want start out by stating that it started when the door to door sales man made the system sound all great. What he didn't tell me and found out later out of frustration is that he lied about what my monthly bill would be and what the system can do. For those of you who have four T.V's in each of your bedrooms and want to what and record differnt channels at the same time the system will not allow you to do it. The U Verse...