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Aspire Card Complaints & Reviews

Aspire Card - Arkansas, Little Rock / termination of credit


I too received a notice of termination for my aspire credit card. In 6 years, I have never been late for a payment, never! Yet they still canceled my account, which doesn't look good on my credit. I asked them to lower my interest, only thing I got was "No!" This just doesn't seem right but I don't know what to do to address the issue. Any suggestions

Aspire Card - Georgia, Columbus / Termination of Account


I received letter in the US Mail that my Aspire Card account has been terminated - - my account was in excellent standing with CB&T and never any late payments. My credit limit was $ 1, 000.00 and as of 1 December 2008 it is zero. The letter tone indicates a belief the account was terminated and I was at fault. However, upon calling customer service - I am informed this was a "management decision" and ALL Aspire Card customers were terminated. This is a horrible way to be notified - - As I have been maintaining and rebuilding my credit rating and score - I do not know if this account termination will hurt my credit score with a negative remark. My email: [email protected]

Aspire Card - Georgia, Atlanta / Termination letter


I received a "Notice of Termination of Card Program" on 11/24/2008. This is all well and good, but since this might adversely affect my credit score/rating, I called and asked for a reduction in my APR which is a ridiculous 24.75%. The of course said no, a heavily accented no, and tried to just get me off the line. I demanded to speak with someone higher up and they referred me to an account specialist. His answer again was no. If they are going to abruptly cancel my account which shows on my credit report, which at the moment is excellent, then they should have the courtesy to lower their...