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Artist Complaints & Reviews

Artist - Arizona, Gilbert / Er visit

Apr 24, 2017

I arrived in the worst pain of my life, throwing up blood, having been to an urgent care, was given pain meds, a faulty ultrasound that came back black (cause the tech didn't use any ultrasound gel- I later realized as a medical professional) and they start to prep me for a CAT scan, but suddenly a doctor is there, first doctor that I had seen, and he just looks at me from afar and tries to discharge me saying, "I'll save you some radiation." I beg and beg for the CT scan, I have a strong feeling that I'm NOT okay and need it, but I am refused and he never takes me seriously enough to even...

Artist - California / Patent violation

Apr 21, 2013

I highly suggest you remove all images from the thief that is taking other artist's images/creations and placing them on your website. My father being a patent lawyer has been informed regarding this situation. And it appears I have a solid lawsuit against If removal of these images/designs does not occur, I will file a lawsuit against your company for copyright infringement. I look forward to your response. And also, anything that is said will be recorded and stipulated as a part of this lawsuit. So choose your word wisely, or not.