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Archos Complaints & Reviews

Archos - Colorado, Greenwood Village / Junk products


I purchased a 404 camcorder Aug. '07 at Sam's Clubalong with $160. worth of accessories direct from Archos. After numerous attempts of trying to get decent pictures and videos through settings and firmware updates, Archos finally gave me an RMA for my unit. They returned to me a brand new unit. After about two good videos taken, the same poor quality returned. Contacted Archos support again who advised a firmware update. Did the update and still had poor quality. The videos are not sharp, lighting is poor. I called Tech. Support and eventually was told that there is nothing else they...

Archos / Scam to build profit!


I was on deployment when I wanted a MP3 for the gym. I went online through the military store AAFES and found this 4G MINI mp3. I ordered 2 of them but only received one. Once I returned from Iraq the MP3 became non respondent to anything. Since it was still under warranty I returned the product for repairs. Now here comes the headache, even though this product was ship to me over seas, ARCHOS company is now telling me that they no longer ship to over seas and that I needed to provide a stateside address for return shipment. I gave them my parents stateside address. A month later a got a email...

Archos / Products are junk!


Do not purchase archos products! Their products are junk! When they inevitably fail, as they will, getting through to their customer support is essentially impossible, unless you have the better part of a morning to remain on the telephone. If you do eventually get through, and get an RMA number with which to return the defective unit for repairs, do not expect it to actually be repaired!! I sent in an AV500 mobile DVR which they kept for a month, then finally returned to me in exactly the same defective condition in which I had returned it to them. I am now tossing the unit in the garbage. Lesson learned!!!! AVOID ARCHOS PRODUCTS!!!!!!!